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Poor mandatory reporting laws in South Dakota allow local schools to sweep noncriminal misconduct under the rug, without reporting to the state’s ethics commissions for educators.

There are two such commissions in the state: one for teachers and one for administrators.

Graf was the superintendent in Wilmot public schools when a teacher there lost her license for having sexual contact with a 16-year-old student.“In small communities, everybody knows who these kids are,” Graf said.

“There’s parts of things that need to be kept confidential to protect the actual victims.”Argus Leader Media has uncovered 36 cases of misconduct by teachers or administrators since 2008, including complaints filed after the USA TODAY records request.

Drueppel was sentenced to 15 years in prison for a relationship that lasted for two years, starting when she was still a teacher at Axtell Park.

She had her license revoked and her name was entered into the national NASDTEC database, according to a December 2015 ruling by the state Secretary of Education.

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Thomas Mark Wendelgass, a teacher in the Huron School District, pleaded guilty to possession of LSD and disseminating harmful material to a minor in November 2014.

Their response did not include dozens of other cases previously reported by Argus Leader Media.

That’s because older records are only available on paper, not digitally, said Mary Stadick Smith, a spokeswoman for the Education Department.

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