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The Swiss hotel is pretty much what you'd expect for a girl friendly hotel and from a chain hotel in Bangkok.Not really my style but if you like familiarity and safety it's a good place to go.It's got an awesome swimming pool and a great bed for nighttime action, this is my top pick for bachelor hotels in Bangkok.This hotel in Bangkok doesn't have girls but it is close to them!

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Then I have the ultimate list of Bangkok hotels with girls.

Don't know much about this hotel other than the fact that it's girl friendly.

Just make sure you check the girl into the front desk before you take her up to your room.

For the techno traveller who likes to keep up to date with things on the Internet, enjoys a bit of style, and likes to be close to all the action and where the girls are at in Bangkok then this is the hotel for you, it's close to the sideline girls down on Patpong as well it's got free Wi Fi!

The Rose hotel might seem like a lot but if your entertaining girls in Bangkok then you couldn't get better value for money than this hotel.

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