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When you neg at a bar you can still do it in a playful matter.

A girl has really no way to percieve the way your trying to say it online because they are reading.

She wants a costume party but she can't decide on a theme. " I cannot belive that someone would put this opener up here for you guys to use on an online dating site. If you dont beleive me then go ahead and give it a shot.

Negging someone on an opener on a online dating site is completely different then ngging someone out at a club or bar.

Grace Wed Sep 14 GMT-0800 2011: ok Grace Wed Sep 14 GMT-0800 2011: and what else?

(shit test) Me Wed Sep 14 GMT-0800 2011: You tell me(counter shit test) Me Wed Sep 14 GMT-0800 2011: give me 3 things about yourself besides your looks that would want me to know you better Grace Wed Sep 14 GMT-0800 2011: you're exciting. Me Wed Sep 14 GMT-0800 2011: lol Grace Wed Sep 14 GMT-0800 2011: I'm starng to figure you out (more shit test) Me: Wed Sep 14 GMT-0800 2011: You can tell me personally over the phone You feel that in your stomach?

In order to reply to your opener.has to answer your questions.

Here's the structure: 1) Field Tested Success Rate: (remember to even post here the opener should have a decent success rate, hopefully 40% or more, AND MUST BE FIELD TESTED) 2) Where to use: (dating site, Facebook/Myspace, IM, etc.) 3) Who's responding: UGs, Bs, HBs, SHBs (feel free to include # rating 1-10) 4) Opener: (ahhh what we've all been waiting for...) I'll start...

I just have to ABC it for people who are trying it for the very first time. And I call the Bet Reopener the gambler.online sarged a Dr. Momments later Me talking about taking her on a date at Mcdonalds. She is actually pretty smart, but I got her going by saying " You need to step outside the box"" i thought you were exciting" yada yada yada. Grace wow, you really made an effort just do achieve that!

today this is part of our conversation Original Message YOU sent on 9/14/2011 PM Me: Lets hope you don't do this during sex cause then you'll be broke..Her: Oh, WOW, is this a promise??? I told her I was going to take her to Mcdonalds because I had to money, and she offer to pay. Me: Wed Sep 14 GMT-0800 2011: What if it is lol Wed Sep 14 GMT-0800 2011: No I'm getting your number because you're interesting Grace Wed Sep 14 GMT-0800 2011: oh well.....

;0) Being such a ____________ (fill in the blank here with something specific about the chick, I usually use "freespirit" or something like that) you've got to have some good ones..." If they bite, you're getting warm because they'll start to qualify themselves to you. We'll be followed by paparazzi, and we'll party our faces off. I really enjoy that feeling that you get sometimes when you get excited about someone, you know, right in the beginning, after you have hung out a few times. I am pretty happy with my new profile and get a few women opening me every week.

Some girls even respond with answers like "No way he'll have to win me over blah blah blah! The key is finding something on her profile and then making a future projection of the two of you doing it together in a fun way. We should go to New York and tell everyone you are Paris Hilton and get our asses kissed all night. I am still not crazy with any particular opener ive stolen on here.

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