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At first I wouldn’t allow mutual touching, but after ..

If you have been following my true stories of my wife and myself this one will be interesting for you as this happened yesterday afternoon.

We have been together for some 3 years, and in that time, had, had a c***d, by the time the story begins, my son was 1 year old. We were sitting in a beer garden of a country pub one Sunday lunch time, as rather attractive lady walked past us carrying a round of.. Dawn has always been a cute blonde with blue eyes and I adore her. which is definitely a change in a way that you can't quite describe. to her actively searching for a lover, there is no going back.

We’ve both put on a few pounds lately but we’re an attractive couple. Everything I've read that prepared me for this moment told me it would be intense, but you cannot quite prepare for it mentally.

We have a good sex life and are open about our desires though in the grand scheme are fairly mild except for some light forays into a little rougher play here and there. Last night I had a dream that she and a friend that we know well were talking at a party at our house. I am a 56 year old male, Married ,kids are all moved out, Have had many injuries due to a very active life style, Rock climbing, Football, Dirt bikes, Karate and have had several work related injuries, I have some metal implants so that is why they call me Tin Man, Cyborg just seemed,well just did not like it, Okay So I Went for my yearly Physical with my Doctor. First time was a complete shocker......had played strip games and been in a nude sauna and hot tubing with several couples for a long time.

Everything was just game playing and stripping etc.

However one of the gals and my wife were particularly close and talked often about sex and compared notes etc.

It became apparent that the other gal, Sandy, loved giving blow jobs to her h..

As we handled projects worldwide I often had to work late.

To get the best results one has to go in there and be venerable..

We have been together for about 4 years now and both love sex. I introduced her to the hot wife lifestyle about 2 years ago.

I was walking along headed for a specialty shop when I looked to my left through a store door and spotted my first wife's girlfriend.

They had grown up together and were best friends for many yea..

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