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How has Algeria experienced Islamism compared with other North African countries? We have nothing in common with other North African countries in that way. Beginning in the late 1980s we had more than a decade of extreme terror. Assassinations of artists and intellectuals by extremists. When the "Arab spring" came, the Algerians observed from the sidelines - we didn't want to relive [the instabilty].

But now Algerian society has become increasingly Islamic - with women in hijab, new Islamic parties and a new religiosity.

Algeria has become a giant souk - a globalised country of merchants - and extremism is also a commodity, selling the idea that this life may be difficult, but in paradise you will find wine, women and satisfaction.

It's not uncommon to see bearded young men selling lingerie in the street. There's a kind of schizophrenia at play - as one of the writers notes in the film.

One of the themes in the film seems to be that education is the key to countering extremism in Algeria.

What has happened to the Algerian education system in the past decade?

There are strict taboos about dating the opposite sex - but they are also Mediterraneans and they like to have a good time, like normal kids everywhere in the world.

The 30th annual International Festival of Audiovisual Programs, featuring films from more than 70 countries, was held in scenic Biarritz in January.

There were many Middle Eastern themed screenings, including a documentary on Oum Kalthoum, La Voix du Caire, and a Tunisian society piece Une Caravane dans le Desert, which unites five artists who ponder the future of their country.

The film will play at the Berlin festival this week.

Hadani Ditmars caught up with Allouache to discuss his film.

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